A Message from your President ~ 05.10.2020

Congratulations and WOW for all who gave local MOV on May 5th. We raised $4,440.00. We exceeded last year. Thank you to Cathi Wermter for all your hard work! All of us working together made this a successful campaign.

Summer Conference reminders:

  1. Quilt project with Kaye Burkholder.

  2. Pamela's project - Please bring books to the conference which will be donated to the children's hospitals.

  3. Thursday - August 6th we will be completing Pamela and Dana's administration. Just a bit of information: there will a business meeting including a Treasurer's report, bylaws, President's Special project, membership awards, and Lifetime memberships. Also, a memorial service for members who have passed by Joy Bryant-Harris. Georgianna Tillis and Sharon Sheridan will be remembering Jody Cunningham.

Thought I would share a message from Mary Ellen Brock, GFWC President.

Thank you to all the members for the many ways you have found to help others during the government restrictions. She suggested sending a thank you note to your police and fire departments, and EMS squads and hospital workers.

Since the cancellation of the GFWC Convention, election of GFWC Officers will be voted on by the full Board of Directors. Plans are moving forward to address the awards.

More updates will be coming when the staff is able to move back to headquarters. Leaving with one of Mary Ellen's quotes: "Think and wonder, wonder and think". Use this time to think and wonder about your projects for next year and what they can be.

Thank you all working for the betterment of GFWC West Virginia. Happy Mother's Day.

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