Convention TIME!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Ladies, did you hear the latest news? The GFWC WV Convention for 2021 is going VIRTUAL! The GFWC WV Board will be meeting in person and the convention will be LIVE and ONLINE from The Greenbrier Resort.

Members may still go to The Greenbrier under the GFWC WV room block but will not be able to come into the meeting room due to the need for social distancing. Please refer to your Winter Clubwoman Newsletter for that information the reservation form which is due by February 17th. There will be NO EVENING sessions with this format. (See general schedule on the Registration form).


In order to vote or be a club delegate, you must have a unique email. This means you cannot use another member's email address as All voting will be conducted online. Please pay close attention to the registration form as there is a new field for email addresses required for all DELEGATES. Using the same email will not work. Several ladies could of course join from one computer but only the person who “owns” that email will have a vote.


Registrations are DUE FEBRUARY 17th. The registration form is located on the FILE SHARE under CONVENTION REGISTRATION 2021! All registration forms should be mailed to Tressa Wolfe, per the registration form. You will get specific directions on joining the convention after we have the registration in. We are currently working on the details and not ready to release specific log-on information. We can tell you that there will be three (3) sessions which are also listed on the Registration form. Please complete the form to indicate which sessions you will join… this will give us an idea of what to expect. This is tentative and times may vary a bit but there will be three (3) sessions.

NOTE: You will not be required to download a particular app or anything. At this time, we plan to email a direct link to the meetings and make it as simple as possible to join. We know that everyone does not possess advanced technical skills.

Last by not least....please TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY on the registration form as Tressa will need to have accurate email addresses. Also, you will have an opportunity to support the Junior Director's Special Project, Lily’s Place, by indicating a donation right on the registration form and sending the payment with the form. Please consider giving as this is in place of the Service Project Luncheon that would be held if we were in person at The Greenbrier Resort.

Be excellent to each other and don't forget to wash your hands and cover your face!

Note: The form has been corrected as of 01/26/2021. The only change was to zip code of where to mail the registration forms.

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