President's Special Project

For the next two years, GFWC WV President Helen Moren has chosen “Change Makes a Difference” as her theme with Drug Abuse, Addicts and Recovery as her President’s Special Project.

WVARR, West Virginia Alliance of Recovery Residences will be the special project's main focus. The term “Recovery Residence” is a broad term describing a sober, safe, and healthy living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol, drug use, and associated problems. Many thousands exist in the United States that vary in size, organization, and targeted population.

Recovery Residences offer peer-to-peer recovery support with some providing professionally delivered clinical services all aimed at promoting long term recovery. The purpose of a Recovery Residence is to provide a safe and healthy living environment to initiate and sustain recovery, which means abstinence from alcohol and other non-prescribed drug use and improvement in one’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. Skills developed while living in recovery residence will continue to support the resident’s recovery as they transition to living independently and productively in the community.

Currently, WVARR is grant funded by the Office of Drug Control Policy and managed by the WV Bureau for Behavioral Health. It has two full-time employees and will soon add two full-time staff reviewers. WVARR has Board of Directors comprised of twelve individuals from across the state. Eight of the twelve directors are recovery residence operators, and identify as people in long-term recovery.


For 2020, we are asking for monetary support. Your donations will be used by WVARR to fund a recovered resident’s first month’s rent or deposit after leaving the Recovery Residence. Funds will also be used to purchase kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves, if needed, as well as start-up cleaning supplies, linens, towels, etc. You will be given more information and other ways to support this program at the GFWC WV Summer Conference.

Please send any monetary support to GFWC WV Treasurer, Linda Walker.

For more information on WARR, visit

Thank you for your support of this very important project. The lives you touch may be someone that you know.

Julie Perry, Chairman - President's Special Project

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