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Support the GFWC West Virginia

GFWC West Virginia Support Fund



In March 2002 at the Annual Convention, the GFWC WV Endowment Fund was established. The fund was started from the balance of money contributed by the West Virginia Clubwomen to the Rainbow Club. The Rainbow Club provided financial assistance to GFWC West Virginia’s candidate, Maxine S. Scarbro, for GFWC International Office. At the end her term of office as GFWC International President 2002, and after all financial obligations of the state federation were met, the balance of the Rainbow Club was $10,065.53. Mrs. Scarbro requested that the balance be secured in a fund that would enhance the state federation’s financial future. The balance was used as the seed money to establish the GFWC WV Endowment Fund. 


The Fund continued to conservatively grow and on March 6, 2015, GFWC WV entered into an investment agreement with The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation (PACF). At that time, the name was changed from the GFWC WV Endowment Fund to The GFWC WV Support Fund. This is a long-term investment fund is intended to accumulate funds that will offer future financial security for the State Federation and provide an annual distribution to support activities and programs of the state federation. 




From the initial investment of $10,065.53 in 2002, through the generosity of the GFWC WV Clubwomen, as of December 2023 the GFWC WV Support Fund Investment has grown to $103,035.95. During the month of May PACF offers GFWC WV the opportunity to participate in PACF’s Give Local MOV Campaign. Clubs and members are encouraged to make contributions during the one day – 24-hour campaign at which time PACF offers Matching Funds. In May 2023, between club and individual contributions plus the matching funds from PACF, we collected $4,105.00. Because 19 of our clubs contributed between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm our state won the “Lunch Break” prize of $500.00 this year. 

In addition to club and individual contributions, PACF matched our funds on Give Local Day, which added $2,486.00 to the fund bringing our total to $7,143.00. To complete the year’s contributions, clubs contributed an additional $552.08 to the Support Fund on December 1st meeting the Honor Point requirement. 

We also want to thank those clubs and individuals who made contributions to the Support Fund throughout the year in the form of memorials and honorariums. The personal and club contributions surpassed previous years contributions on the Give Local MOV day, which displays the continued commitment and dedication of the GFWC WV Clubwomen to the State Federation. 




Clubs and members are encouraged to continue supporting The GFWC WV Support Fund throughout the year. The fund will continue to grow with continued contributions from clubs and members.


  • Clubs may achieve an Honor Point by meeting or surpassing the suggested amount listed on the GFWC WV Honor Club Report Form. Honor Point requirements must be received by December 1st.  Make a check payable to GFWC WV Support Fund and mail to: PACF, PO Box 1762, Parkersburg, WV 26102-1762 Include your Club Name if they are to get the credit for your contribution.

  • Clubs and individuals may contribute to the Fund by making donations in honor of club members reaching milestones, in honor of family members and loved ones.

  • Contributions may be made in memory of club members and loved ones Clubs are encouraged to hold special fundraisers to generate larger donations to the Support Fund.

  1.  Rummage sales

  2.  Opportunity drawings

  3. Basket/ Card/ Purse drawings are just a few examples.


Clubs may mail contributions to PACF at the address listed above, or if using a credit card, contributions may be made online at PACF’s traditional online portal Be sure to click GFWC West Virginia. Please always remember to include your club’s name if your club is to receive credit for the contribution. Certificates will be awarded at the State Convention to one club in each size category for creativity in raising and contributing the largest amount of funds above the suggested amount listed on the GFWC Honor Club Report Form. For additional information contact Tressa Wolfe, Support Fund Chairman, or your District’s Support Fund Team Member. 

This year $3,000.00 was deposited into GFWC WV’s General Operating Fund from The Support Fund which was the intention when it was initially developed – “to supplement the General Operating Fund of our State Federation”. Thank you for helping to do this.  With your continued support we can surpass this total in 2024.




This is our Give Local MOV Day. Remember, your club will get credit for Honor Point #7 when making a club and/or personal contribution. When making your donation, whether you are making it for your club or as an individual, if you want your club to get credit for your donation you must insert your club’s name in the “Display Name Field” during checkout. Even if you want your name to remain anonymous, you must add your club’s name for your club to get credit for your contribution. 

Tressa Wolfe, GFWC WV Support Fund Chairman

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