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Education and Libraries Community Service Program

We volunteer to promote civic improvements through service with focus on Education. Club projects can foster schools as well as other educational institutions and opportunities. These projects promote libraries, literacy, and the love of books-thus encouraging the growth of individuals and communities at home and around the world.


Designing your club projects/activities to improve your community and use the talents of your club members to make a difference. Many of the WV clubs now support Free Libraries in many different methods-from establishing a library and supplying the books through internet “free book sites”, donations of books for all ages are available, club members volunteer community in reading programs.


Teaming with other community service programs for projects can involve more club members- such as providing book marks(designed by students) for important dates such as earth day. Sponsor empowerment activities for students and citizens to create a positive environment in regards to the future CSP encourages your club to Sponsor Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) Reading/Book Club, a GFWC activity is valuable to many members. Info available on Line.


*Many club ideas are available, contact me any time:



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