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1734 Society 

Ladies, the mansion at 1734 N Street has been in our family, GFWC, since 1922.  As The General Federation of Woman’s Clubs International Headquarters and was built by Rear Admiral William Radford in 1875,

Over the years the main structure has never been altered. But it has been redecorated several times while we/GFWC have owned the building. 1734 N Street is included in the Women’s Suffrage Tour in Washington DC. It was put on the National Register and the National Historic Landmark Register on December 04, 1991.Because of the age of our Great Lady at 1734 N Street, who is turning 150 years old, in 2025, she continuously needs a new facelift, “repairs”.


It is up to us, her caregivers, to keep her Grand facade as a well-dressed Lady of Society up to date, with a Grand Victorian fashion in the modern world.


Nails are expensive. Just like we love our manicures and pedicures, that are expensive, but sometimes hidden under gloves and shoes, our Grand lady needs nails. This brings us to the point.  I am asking for this Administration 2024-2026 throughout West Virginia, to get on board and make a noisy contribution to the 1734 Society.


How can we do this? You ask!  As each of us gathers at meetings, workshops, conferences and conventions, our Grand Lady and I are asking you to empty your pockets, purses and rainy-day stashes for manicures and pedicures for the Grand Lady who stands at 1734 N Street in all her grandeur.  Drop them in a tin bucket, making a loud noise contribution, like a construction worker dropping nails into a bucket for repairs. Because you never know when our Grand Lady will need her nails redone for a Society event.


Kathy L. Sponaugle

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