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Arts and Culture Community Service Program 

I am honored to serve as the Arts and Culture Chair for this administration. I am excited to read all about all of your amazing projects that will help increase access of Arts and Culture to the communities that you all support throughout West Virginia.

Arts and Culture covers such a vast number of topics. It is critically important for our club women to first take note of your own community’s culture. By doing this you will be able to serve your communities more.

The projects of club women impact our communities in such a positive way. I challenge each club to develop and support projects in different areas including youth mental health, personal wellness, prevention advocacy, provider care support, and nutrition.


Here are some ideas for your consideration from local and national sources:

  • Sponsor an author visit to your local library.

  • Use an artistic event to raise funds to sponsor local community art and cultural programs. 

  • Plan a trip to Charleston and visit the WV Cultural Museum.

  • Assist a local Girl Scout Service Unit with their Thinking Day in February of each year to celebrate different cultures around the world.

  • Set up a member craft table to sell art at a hometown Farmer’s Market or craft fair. Make sure there is also plenty of information on how to join a local GFWC Club at your booth. 

  • Support your local Community Theatre by ushering, assisting at intermission, or holding a Fundraiser at a performance and donating the proceeds back to the Theatre. 

  • Create a Yard of the Month project partnering with the water authority or City. Have members decide which yard in their community deserves recognition with signage. 

  • Paint rocks with inspirational words and place them all over the city in places where they can be found. A good word for a stranger goes a long way. 

  • Make homemade holiday cards for nursing home residents or Meals on Wheels recipients. 

  • Hold a recycled art contest for art projects made using recycled materials for area artists or the Art Association. 

  • Host an art supply drive within your club. Contact local schools, daycare centers, and/or community centers to see what is needed. 

  • Provide artwork and help decorate a reading nook at the library, a local laundromat, or other location in your community. 

  • Donate books with an art and/or cultural theme to the public library, a school library, or a Little Free Library. 

  • Visit or hold a club meeting at an art gallery, museum, local cultural center, or tourist center. 

  • Hold a holiday centerpiece/wreath-making workshop at a local florist as a club program. 

  • Decorate a city park or municipal plaza for holidays and/or the seasons. 

  • Sponsor ads in local theatre or school theatre playbills. 

  • Host an international night and invite other ladies from the community to enjoy great food and learn about cultures from around the world.

  • Sponsor an exchange student at your local high school.  Provide them with opportunities to see the great culture of West Virginia. 

  • Host a craft time at the library to make simple crafts with children. Coordinate with the library story time and match the book theme or make a seasonal or holiday themed crafts.

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or would like to share a great idea!


Kathryn “Kat” Simmons


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