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Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention: GFWC Signature 

GFWC aims to be a powerful voice for those who have no voice by raising awareness of domestic abuse in communities across the nation. To accomplish this, our clubs need to identify and work with existing national domestic violence networks and support existing activities and established programs. Most importantly, educate our citizens and communities about these programs.

There are eight areas of concern identified by GFWC:

  • Intimate Partner Violence

  • Child Abuse

  • Teen Dating Violence

  • Campus Sexual Assault

  • Elder Abuse

  • Violence Against Native American Women

  • Military Sexual Assault

  • Human Trafficking for Sexual Purposes


To tie in with our GFWC WV President’s Special Project you can focus on Elder Abuse in the Veteran Population.


As your 2024-2026 Chairman, I challenge each club to identify the resources available to those who reside in the areas you represent.


Include the name of the organization, services they can provide, who the target population is, contact information – especially hotline numbers for quick access.


Please send me your information as you complete this challenge. I will compile a document that will cover our entire state to share with all GFWC WV Club Women.

Projects can be developed within our clubs to support the programs identified and to communicate these programs to the appropriate target population.


I strongly encourage you to access the information in the GFWC Club Manual. There are many, many ideas and suggestions listed there. To access the Club Manual, go to > sign in to the Member Login (or register) > Once you are logged in, go to the middle of the top of the page and click on “Digital Files” > Scroll down the page to “Club Manual” > Click on manual and Download > scroll down to Signature Project. You will find lots of wonderful information including a long list of possible project ideas.

(Right now, the file says 2022-2024 Signature Project, after International Convention in July it will update to 2024-2026)


I look forward to working with you and seeing all the projects reported over the next two years.

Helen Moren, Chair

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