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  • A Picture is Definitely Worth A Thousand Words

    Hi, ladies!!! I'm sure by now that your respective clubs are busy with all sorts of new projects in this new year of volunteerism. I've been receiving lots of e-mail messages with membership lists and photos. Keep up the good work!!! Your communities thrive because of you. On the subject of photos, I would like to bring a couple of things to your attention and request your assistance. When our president, Cathy Jo, sent out the request for photos for the website, we received a few but not many, so I trolled your social media pages and borrowed some. The reason we asked for the photos was so that in my role as webmaster, I could make our web page welcoming and real. I want visitors to our page to see the real GFWC West Virginia -- the real clubs, real women, and real projects that make this organization what it is -- FABULOUS. My vision for this term is to periodically change out the photos on the web page so that all of our clubs have the opportunity to be featured. My intention was for each club to send me one or two photos from your favorite projects for me to have in my photo stash when the time comes to change out the images. The response has been a bit overwhelming. Some of your messages to me probably bounced back to you because the sheer number pictures people have been sending have filled my mailbox faster than I can check my e-mail. You see, the e-mail address I gave you to use is my personal one. The size is limited and the influx of photos coupled with the mail I regularly receive from friends and family has overwhelmed it. Because it is my personal e-mail account and I do have a full-time job, I only get to check my messages once or twice a day which is not enough to keep up with the number of e-mails I have been receiving. I'm glad that you are proud of your projects and want to share them, so I am suggesting that you share all of your photos to your respective social media pages and send me only your favorite ones for the website. Posting your photos to social media will get you more exposure faster. If you don't have social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, I strongly encourage you to set up an account for your clubs. It's free and fairly simple to do. It's also a great way to advertise your events and share ideas with other GFWC clubs as well as organizations outside of GFWC. Facebook and Instagram are linked, so when you post a photo on one of them, you have the option to simultaneously share it to the other. It's also a great way to recruit new members. When women see all the wonderful projects you do in your community, they will want to be a part of it, too. I know technology can be a bit overwhelming, but once you get the hang of social media, you will love it. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Happy posting!!!

  • Summer conference promises lots of star-spangled fun!

    Are you ready to join me at the beautiful Canaan Valley State Park Resort, August 5 –7? This year’s summer conference will be full of federation learning, federation friendships and federation fun! Remember to pack you past GFWC and GFWC West Virginia administration apparel for the Friday evening HEROES Banquet. And bring your military uniform, Uncle Sam or Rosie the Riveter costume, or red, white and blue for the USO Picnic and Show on Saturday evening. The troops will be entertained by Mr. Lee Dean and some of our talented GFWC WV Clubwomen. Here is a reminder of the schedule for the weekend: Registration will be from 2:00-5:30 p.m. on Friday with a general session beginning at 3 p.m. This session will feature information on GFWC contests — photography, writing, Jennie Award and community improvement. Speakers will also give information on Pearl Buck, 1734, WHRC and public policy and legislation. Friday evening will be a H.E.R.O.E.S banquet at 6 p.m. honoring Federation heroes with presentations on communication, leadership and membership -- areas all members need to be invested in. Friday at 9:30 p.m. will be a time to be together with your district friends as we have DISTRICT FUN. Saturday morning from 8:30-9:30 a.m. group meetings for district presidents, state chairmen and club presidents will be held. Then it is back together for CSPs, Advo-cates for Children and Domestic Violence. Saturday’s luncheon is Lunch and Learn where we will hear about LEADS and schol-arship winners. Saturday afternoon’s general session will focus on reporting and fundraising. Bring your patriotism along and enjoy a USO picnic and show at 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening at the picnic shelter in front of the lodge. See you at Canaan! In Federation Friendship, Cathy Jo

  • Here we go!!! Are you excited?!

    With the changing of every guard (in the case of GFWC, the changing of every new administration), there is excitement and a teeny-weeny bit of anxiety (in a good way). For me, as your new webmaster, this is especially true. I was both honored and scared when the idea of taking over the GFWC West Virginia (GFWC WV) website was presented to me. The only website I’ve ever designed and managed was for my own business, not for an organization whose reach and influence are as far reaching as GFWC WV. I’ve blogged before, but only for my own website and for that the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce on occasion. But I am excited for the opportunity to serve as your webmaster for the next two years and learn about all of the organizations, members, and projects that make up this amazing organization. That said, this is your website. You are GFWC WV. A couple of months ago, President Cathy Jo Bryant put out the call for our clubs to submit photos to me for the website. Some of you did just that – thank you. I didn’t get the response I thought I would, so I went mining onto the social media pages I could find for our member clubs and borrowed photos from there. These photos put a face to GFWC WV and the work our members do. That’s why you will find photos from our clubs throughout the website. Periodically, these photos will change as we want all of the wonderful clubs in our organization to be featured, so please do not be shy about sending them to me. I can’t guarantee that all of the photos you send will be used, but I definitely want to feature as many photos as possible on the website during the 2022-24 administration. In the coming weeks I will be adding a gallery of photos from the 2022 spring convention at the Greenbrier. Other photo galleries will follow. Links to program information and other pertinent information will be added after summer conference and throughout the duration of the administration. We want this website to be a place you can rely on for valuable information and inspiration. In this blog space, you will find thoughts, tips, and other useful information from Cathy Jo and her fellow administration members as the term continues. Again, I say, this is your website. Please make use of it and feel free to ask me questions and make suggestions. I can’t wait to see how our content grows and evolves. It’s exciting to imagine all of the creative ways GFWC WV members will be living the volunteer spirit and contributing to the growth of our respective communities.

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